The Players

Dakota Lustick


The oldest of three, Dakota Lustick was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 23rd, 1993 and grew up in sunny South America. After the birth of his younger sister, Avalon, and younger brother, Troy, the Lusticks moved back to the United States to raise the family in Michigan, where their father, David Lustick, had taken a teaching position.

Suburbia was a pleasant time for the young Lusticks, biking around the cul-de-sac and playing football in the backyard. But fortune was calling and so was the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, with a professorship for papa David, who accepted and moved his family to the sprawling town of Nashua, New Hampshire. This would become the backdrop for Dakota’s earlier films, Killing Time (2011), The EVADERS (2013), and Guarder of Lives (2016), which all express themes of agitation, wandering, and restlessness in Small Town America, usually following an iconoclast protagonist catalyzed by an internal stirring for metamorphosis.

After years in Harlem, NY, studying under Wynn Handman, Dakota is now pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, California. Dakota’s talents can be seen in the films "I Feel Pretty," the Sundance darling "Piercing," and the upcoming indie "#Like," as well as countless short films and tv shows. He is represented by Innovative Artists, a talent and literary agency. Keep an eye out for this rising star.

Troy Lustick

He grew up fast, learning from his siblings whenever he could, from football, to school, to film, relishing any opportunity he got to help his brother Dakota behind the scenes or in front of the camera. After his experience working on "Killing Time," "The EVADERS," and "Guarder of Lives," Troy broke off to film something autonomously, and in the fall of 2016, he shot "Primary Colors."


"Primary Colors" was honored with being a Jury Finalist at The New Hampshire High School Film Festival, as well as being accepted into The All American High School Film Festival, where Primary Colors was screened in Times Square. The following summer, after his first year at Umass Amherst, Troy shot MONKEY and took 5-23 to the New Hampshire Film Festival. He is also the recipient of the Michael S. Roif award for “Best Director,” the highest prestige awarded within Umass Amherst’s film studies program. Troy continues to create and is excited to share new content with the 5-23 audience soon.

Austin Treat


Born on June 2nd, 1995 and raised in Chatham, Massachusetts, Austin Treat spent most of his days shooting hoop and smashing Xbox controllers.



The gift of a Sony Camcorder in 2010 allowed him to explore escapism and fantasy through film, a welcomed change from his high school routine. “Mostly I played drug dealers and gangsters, simple characters with simple motives: find the drugs, lose the drugs, recover the drugs. The films weren’t very good, but that was okay, we were just kids, it was thrilling, and that was enough for us.” 


Over the next three years, Austin and family would shoot a dozen more home videos, keeping his silver screen dreams from losing steam. The experience would help provide an infrastructure for Austin’s lead performance as Don Bartley in 5-23’s award-winning short film, MONKEY.   

Austin Treat currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Umass Amherst (Phi Beta Kappa). And despite this, or because of this, he still spends his days shooting hoop and playing characters in his head. He also writes fiction. 

Born the youngest of three in Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 29th, 1998, he was barely walking when the family moved to Michigan, and later Nashua, New Hampshire, where Troy would spend his youth.

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