"AUG 04" - (2019)


A group of teenage boys wander through their suburban neighborhood on a spoiled August day in 2004.

"Best Short Film" - St. Lawrence International Film Festival

"Official Selection" - NH Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Deep Focus Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Filmfort Film Festival

"Official Selection" - El Paso Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Horsetooth International Film Festival

“MONKEY” - (2018)


It’s the last season for backup quarterback Vinny Vargas and he wants to start. There’s only one problem, Don Bartley, the All-American athlete. He's got everything Vin wants—the girl, the fame, the speed—the only solution is sabotage. Huddle up.


"Best Director" - Michael S. Roif Award

"Official Selection" - New Hampshire Film Festival

"Official Selection" - New Filmmakers NYC Series

"Official Selection" - Key West Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Full Bloom Film Festival

"Official Selection" - El Paso Film Festival

"Official Selection" - Tulsa American Film Festival

"Official Selection" - SNOB Film Festival

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A dark comedy about a pool attendant that dreams of being a beach patrol guard. A true blue hero, a Guarder of lives. 15 minutes. Rated PG.

"Best Comedy short" 2015 Tampa Bay Underground

"Best Student short" 2015 SNOB Film Festival

"Official selection" 2015 New Filmmakers NY Series

"Official selection" 2015 College Web Media Festival

"THE EVADERS" - (2012)

A meditation on what it means to be young in a post 9/11 modern America on the verge of leaving childhood... and two friends who try to EVADE it all. It's the last day before the future begins. 30 minutes.

Rated PG-13.

"KILLING TIME" - (2011)

Two friends contemplate time and how to do away with it. 13 minutes. Rated G.

"THE SCAVENGER" - (2011)

In an alternate post-Cold War apocalyptic world, a young scavenger survives however he can, while learning about a world he never knew. 10 minutes. Rated PG. 


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